WiiSpray – Digital (Art) Crime in a Legal World

It's a well known fact that the Nintendo Wii is a success.
It's also commonly known that the Wiimote lends itself to all kinds of unique
possibilities for future games. If we're lucky, then in the near future, a new
art game
could be available for the Wii.

Lihs, a Bauhaus- University masters student in Weimar, Germany,
has created the WiiSpray for his final thesis.
With his engineered WiiSpray Can, the gamer/ artist can digitally paint on
anything they want in the virtual world- legally! Through a combination of
Adobe Flash, WiiFlashServer and the hardware of the Wii, Lihs was able to
create this new experience.Wii4

It works the same way that any other Wii game does, just
point and shoot – or in this case, paint. The WiiSpray Can looks crude but as a development stage, its pretty
remarkable engineering. With some aesthetic tweaking, this could be a new
popular game for the future.

After you paint your masterpieces–or chicken scratch– you
can upload it to a website for the world to see. Lihs' is hoping to make the
WiiSpray available for others to try in the fall.

***This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of GotGame for personal use, not for redistribution. To see final version click here.

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