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Unbelievable. Pixar Animation Studios are unbelievable. It is astounding that Pixar has the talent and resources to constantly be ahead of the game in every category each time they release a new movie. WALL-E is no exception. In fact, WALL-E is on many levels Pixar's greatest achievement.

For anyone who has watched any silent films or knows anything about the history of film and the silent era – they know the importance of a strong presence on the screen. The lead actor needs to be able to display the physical emotions that words can not. It wasn't until The Jazz Singer that audiences first heard an actor's voice.

It's 2008, and silent films are practically non-existent, outside of experimental and avant-garde. Yet, WALL-E is for all intensive purposes a silent film for the first 30 minutes. With breathtaking and vast landscaping views of a deteriorating planet Earth, the scene is set of an isolated Earth. No one is left, no plants, no animals, just our trash. That is until we meet WALL-E. WALL-E is the last of his kind – a robot whose only purpose is refuse compaction and organizing. Yet, WALL-E is different than your typical robot. WALL-E has a sense of purpose, yet he has all the emotions of Wall-ea human. You have a real sense of his curiosity, his loneliness, desire for friendship (that he finds in a cockroach), and ultimately his love and heroism. Pixar's animators have given life to a non-human object like never before. WALL-E's eyes say it all. 

When WALL-E first encounters a landing spacecraft and meets a far more advanced robot – EVE, heWall-e_3 
instantly falls in love. From here his adventure begins as he meets, courts and chases his love as EVE reverts to default mode and is taken away by her ship. As he clings to the ship and chases EVE, WALL-E is transported to space where his love is tested. In the end, WALL-E finds greater purpose than garbage collecting and helps the remaining human civilization restart their lives.

WALL-E works on a significantly deeper level than any previous Pixar film. With heavy thematic messages of human consumption, commercialism, laziness, and pollution, WALL-E the film is a home run. Pixar maintains its all audience appeal, but while kids will be dazzled by the humor and fun characters, adults will be wowed by the deeper meanings and power of the story.

WALL-E succeeds on every level and is now the summer reigning champ of the title "if you see any movie this summer, this is it."

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