Video of the Day: ‘SNL’ Digital Short Mines Comedic Gold and Jonah Hill’s Balls

While there are shows on television like Mythbusters whose hosts seek out what’s true about common rumors and urban myths through scientific exploration, there are other shows that pop up with weird gadgets (sometimes hosts) and unproven technologies that keep the guys at Mythbusters in business. Andy Samberg and Jonah Hill star in an SNL Digital Short mocking the bad science (AE’s Paranormal State) and arbitrary pursuits (FSN’s obsolete Sports Science) of reality television shows, which claim to be authorities in their scientific (or not so scientific) fields. Whether these shows are authorities or not, it still seems absurd to see an MMA fighter punching a dummy in the head to figure out the necessary speed of a punch to incur whiplash.

Add some mockery of ER-set miracle shows and John McEnroe serving a laugh, and the Digital Short boys come through with a hilarious sketch.

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