USA Weekend Box-Office Summary: Dec. 5, 2008

The past weekend didn't see too many surprises. The top 3 films stayed the same as last weekend, and positions 4 and 5 switched.

That being said, Four Christmases was again the champ, followed by Twilight, Bolt, Australia and Quantum of Solace (which surpassed the $500M barrier worldwide).

In a surprising – or not surprising result – Punisher: War Zone sucked. It raked in a mere $4M. Budgeted at $35M, its safe to say Punisher won't last long in theaters. (FYI: the first Punisher movie was released in 2004, it had an opening weekend of $13.5M)
Punisher: War Zone brought in a pathetic $1500 per theater. However, indie film Nobel Son (released on 863 theaters) takes the cake for worst performance with just over $370,000, for a terrible $415 per theater.

In a note showing the promise of Frost/ Nixon, the film took in $60,000 in each of the 3 theaters it was released in. That average will excite the studio heads as the Oscar race picks up pace.

Rank – Title – Weekend – (Gross)

1 Four Christmases –$18.2M- ($70.8M)

2 Twilight –$13.2M-($139M)

3 Bolt –$9.7M- ($79.3M)

4 Australia –$7M -($30.9M)

5 Quantum of Solace –$6.6M-($151M)

6 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa –$5.1M-($166M)

7 Transporter 3 –$4.5M -($25.4M)

8 Punisher: War Zone –$4M -($4M)

9 Cadillac Records –$3.5M-($3.5M)

10 Role Models –$2.62M-($61.7M)

Source: CNN

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