Tutorial: How to setup and start a WordPress blog

If you’re reading this post, it means you’re ready to get started with a WordPress blog! Thankfully, WordPress offers an extremely easy setup process. This short tutorial will walk you through it, step by step. If you have a few questions about a WordPress blog before you get started, this FAQ is a good place to start.

How to setup and start a WordPress blog:

1. Go to WordPress.com. Click the orange button that says “Create your WordPress blog now!”

wordpress.com welcome

2. After the page refreshes, fill out the fields as shown in the screenshot below. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Create blog” button.

wordpress.com account creation

3. After clicking the create button, you’ll see the following screen to confirm your registration.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 8.14.03 AM

4. You’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the email and it will automatically launch a new window in your browser. The screenshot below is where you’ll name your blog and give it a tagline if you choose. Select the language you want your blog to appear in click “next step.”

wordpress.com step 1

5. Choose your theme! Don’t worry, you can change your theme at any time (covered in a different tutorial). Some themes are free, some are considered premium and cost a fee to the developer.

wordpress.com step 2

6. Now comes the fun part! The third step of setup is to customize your blog. This includes options that vary depending on the theme you chose. The standards are altering your site title, colors (usually just the background color), whether to show your latest posts on the front page or a static page, etc. The changes you make are shown as real-time previews before you save.

wordpress.com step 3

Using the blue sidebar on the right, you can make the offered changes that apply to your theme. When you’re comfortable with the basic setup, click “save” and you’ll move onto step 4 of the setup.

wordpress.com step 3.2

7. Now that you’ve completed the basic steps, you can write your first post, add a link, photo, quote or video!

wordpress.com step 5

8. This is a chance to start some best practices while writing, including using “tags.” Tags are keywords that describe the content of your post. They work as hyperlinks for all tagged content after you publish an article. Tags are favorites of Google for defining results in their search engine. Using tags will increase your visibility in web searches, so it’s a great habit to get into!

After you write a post and click the Publish Post button, you’ll be redirected to a page like the one below.

wordpress.com dashboard

9. Click on the link in the menu called “My Blog”

wordpress.com my blog

10. Then, click on the link called “Blog Admin” under the name of your blog. This will open the admin dashboard where you’ll write your posts and control the content on your blog.

wordpress.com admin dashboard

That’s it! You’re now up and running on your own WordPress blog! If you found this tutorial useful and are looking for additional tutorials on WordPress, you can find them using this link: WordPress Tutorials

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