‘True Blood’ – Season 5, Ep. 2 – ‘Authority Always Wins’: Recap and Review


That was an improvement! At least when compared to the disappointing season premiere. The episode begins right where the premiere left off – with Crazy Tara Vampire. Guess what? She’s still crazy but faster now that she’s a vampire. Pam orders her to not drink from Sookie or Lafayette and then leaves.

This story is pretty boring, to be honest. I’ll sum up the entire episode arch for these character quickly, and I won’t leave anything out. Tara is crazy. Sookie and Lafayette are busy figuring out how to babysit her. After getting her to ground eventually, she wakes back up and runs away. Moving on…

Meanwhile, Bill, Eric, and Nora appear. This storyline is likely going to be the best of the season, and this episode in particular is saved thanks to it. The three vampires have been captured by the Authority and deposited in the basement jail cell of Authority HQ. It’s deep below a grungy warehouse and is dressed up like a very posh and modern hotel.

Back at the half eaten corpse of Marcus, Alcides assures the remaining pack that he has no intentions or desire to be the new pack master. Also, a badly beaten Sam is taken home by Luna.

Pam, after creating Tara, returns to Fangtasia still looking for Eric. As she worries about him, some of her backstory is finally revealed. In a flashback, Pam is a whore in 1905 San Francisco, and at this point, she’s very much human.

In another flashback, Pam is saved from an attacker by Eric. Grateful, she doesn’t appear to visibly shaken by Eric’s random act of kindness and violence. It’s a nice scene and is good to see a bit of the bigger picture with Pam. She’s a popular favorite for her cold demeanor and tough shell. It’ll be interesting to see, in another flashback, how Eric turns her. (My prediction: She is attacked and then dies and Eric turns her. Thus, we have an understanding toward her feelings about turning a dead Tara.)

In Luna’s house, a badly beaten Sam recovers. Martha shows up, requesting to be a part of her granddaughter Emma’s life, and Luna won’t have it. Martha is certain that Emma is a wolf and wants her to join the pack.

The only reason that I bring this up (besides Martha being proven right later in the episode) is that Luna’s behavior toward and backlash against Sam after he says maybe Martha has a point is totally out of character. After establishing and building Luna up all last season, the writers reverse her character’s personality in ten seconds. Bad writing there! Oh yeah – and Sam then leaves with a fond “Fuck you, too.”

Back in Authority jail, the three captives are tortured in their cells via UV lights and promptly get very sunburned. The Authority is adamant that they all be punished. In a later (and one of the best scenes of the episodes), Bill and Eric are interrogated in different rooms and yet still remain loyal to each another.

Thanks to the interrogation of Bill by Dieter Baum, we find out that there is a Vampire Bible. It’s called the Original Testament and tells the Vampire Vow. It also details the story that vampires were originally created in God’s image (see the Lilith myth) and that Adam and Eve were created as a food source. Evidently there are members of the Authority who believe in the Vampire Bible, but Bill adamantly ensures Dieter that he doesn’t. This is by far the most interesting development of vampire lore that the show has provided in a very long time and should be exciting!

Bill and Eric are later brought before the head of the Authority and the head council (which has a five-year-old on it! You zany True Blood writers!). Nora is brought away to get the True Death, and Bill and Eric are lectured by the head of the Authority (Roman Zimojic—also known as the Guardian). He’s a very imposing figure and likely to be a great addition to the show. He and the council are a few of the Lilith believers and Roman is possibly a direct creation of Lilith. Roman is pissed at Bill and Eric for their actions of the past few seasons and is about to sentence them to the True Death. Bill, in an attempt to save them, offers a trade. He and Eric will bring Russell to the Authority in exchange for their lives. Roman reluctantly seems to agree to this. I’m very excited to see this storyline continue!

Lastly, we see another warehouse, but it’s filled with blood and ripped apart bodies. Russell has been drinking these victims blood and is slowly recovering. His fangs are back, and there is life in his eyes! It’s a great way to end the episode and tease this coming threat.

Overall, this is a much better episode that last week’s and an improvement on last season, as well. The cheesy lines are kept to a minimum and for the most part is exciting to watch despite not a lot of action. It should be fun to see this all transpire!


-Jason has sex with just about every woman in the city. A kid is mad he slept with his mom.

-Andy and Jason also find Debbie’s abandoned car. Debbie’s death isn’t over yet.

-Terry has war flashbacks. Arlene wants to help him.

-Rev. Newlin is the new popular vampire for television. He also tries to buy Jason from Jessica, but she doesn’t agree.


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