‘The Simpsons’ Springfield Is Actually in…

I won’t spoil it yet – I’ll give you the chance to run away now if you prefer to never know the real location of one of the most iconic cartoon families in history. The answer (and short news post will be after the image below).



That was your last warning! So after 20+ years, do you finally want to know where Springfield REALLY is? The answer it turns out is Oregon! Matt Groening revealed the answer after all this time in an interview in the May issue of Smithsonian Magazine. After all this time, it turns out that the family of five is actually from the West Coast, which makes sense considering that Groening himself is from Portland.

Now that the answer is finally known, maybe it’s time to move on from The Simpsons, or go back and watch the best episodes.

One last note – on Sunday, April 1, The Simpsons opening sequence was inspired by Game of Thrones, which had its season two premiere that same evening. It’s wonderful and also pretty amazing animation. Check it out here.

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