‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ – Book vs Film Discussion

the_hobbit-_an_unexpected_journey_74Andy and I talked about The Hobbit and how it compares to the book. It’s a fun read, please check it out. Here’s a small snippet as an appetizer.

Mike Mierendorf As I said in my review, overall I loved it. I enjoyed the slower pace as it felt like it could really expand the characters and take the time with the story. Parts of LOTR felt rushed and I enjoyed not feeling that way during The Hobbit.

Andy North I enjoyed it as well, but wouldn’t say I loved it. Mostly it wasn’t disappointing. The pacing was a big problem for me and I felt myself drained by the end in a way that I never was during the LOTR movies. This is partly because the narrative has less of an arc than the LOTR films did – The Hobbit movies are going to feel more like road trip films, where disconnected events happen to these characters as they travel in this dangerous world.

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