‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Violence, the Shooting in Colorado, and What It Means For Movies and America

I was awakened early this morning to text messages and phone calls from my sister and dad at 5:30 AM MST. I missed the call, but read the texts asking me to call home immediately and asking if I was ok. Completely confused and now panicked, I checked the news to hear about the horrible tragedy that had taken place just a few hours earlier at 12:30 AM, just 10 miles from my home in Denver.

As you have probably heard, during a midnight premiere ofThe Dark Knight Rises last night in Aurora, Coloardo (about 9 miles directly east of Denver), a 24-year-old man named James Holmes (source) opened fire on a packed theater killing 12 and injuring 50 as of 8:00 AM MST. The facts as reported so far are that Holmes released two tear gas canisters and then opened fire with a shotgun, a rifle, and two handguns. He was apprehended by Aurora and Denver Police shortly after in the parking lot and did not resist arrest.

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