‘The Avengers’ Comics, Character Films – Staff Roundtable Discussion – Part 2 (No Spoilers)

The Avengers Staff Roundtable Discussion – Part 2
By Jon HeacockRicky SpennerMike Mierendorf, and Erin Abbamondi


Now that The Avengers (2012) has been tackled, what Marvel superhero/villain/story arc would you like to see put to screen?

Mike: I always loved Silver Surfer but hate how he is handled in the Fantastic Four movie (2007). Dr. Strange would probably tie-in nicely to the Iron Man movies (2008- ). Exploring the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe makes a lot of sense as the next move—it opens the door to really expand.

Jon: I’d like to see Iron Fist and/or Luke Cage get a good treatment. Maybe both should get their own movies and then ultimately team up for Heroes for Hire. It’s been supposedly in the works for years that Ray Park (Darth Maul, Toad) would play Iron Fist and so long as his acting is as good as his martial arts ability, I’d love to see that. As for Luke Cage, maybe an unknown or up and comer would be best for that. So as a follow-up, how would you cast your favorite Marvel heroes/villains who haven’t made it to film yet?

Erin: While not Marvel, I have always been interested in a film translation of Mike Carey’s Lucifer series (2000-2006). I would include Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series (1989-1996) too. While I’ve enjoyed a lot of the comics-to-film adaptions, I think that with the sheer amount of material involved in comics or graphic novels, most of these story arcs would fare far better as miniseries rather than single films. Though I guess this is what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so impressive—they’ve taken that idea of a miniseries, but turned it into an epic cinematic saga.

Ricky: First off, I want to see a Venom film—it would be a nice change of pace to have an anti-hero film—and incorporate Carnage in an R-rated experience. However, with Fox attached to Spiderman instead of Marvel, I’m not sure it would turn out very well. I think Ray Park would be cool as Iron Fist, as he’s been better as the silent, fight-first characters (he’s also Snake Eyes in the GI Joe movies (2009, 2012)). I’d also love to see a proper Silver Surfer film. Doug Jones was a cool Norrin Radd—if we get a Silver Surfer franchise, I’d like to see him return. Daniel Day Lewis would make for a very intense Dr. Strange. Bottom line, I’d just love to see DDL in a comic book movie. I’d also like to see a Civil War (2006-2007) animated movie. It would be too large of a scale for a live action release, but the animated movies Marvel has put out in recent years have been pretty decent.

Mike: Didn’t Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy) say he wanted to play Luke Cage?

Ricky: Luke Cage?

Mike: Actually Isaiah is the first Old Spice Guy . . .

Jon: Terry Crews might not be so bad either. P-P-P-P-P-POWER MAN!

Ricky: Oh thank goodness. Actually, I think I’d take Crews over Mustafa. In the end, however, I would choose neither. Carl Weathers, that’s my man.

Jon: I think we’ve got a stew going.

Mike: Stew.

Ricky: I snorted while trying to contain my laughter at work. There’s still plenty of  meat on that bone!

What are you most looking forward to or would you most like to see in the film?

Mike: Simple. Cap vs. Iron Man. Don’t think it’ll happen, but it would be pretty awesome given the history of the characters.

I should elaborate that I don’t want it to be just the Rogers vs. Stark verbal battle—I want to see some punches thrown. From the clips I’ve seen, I know there will be Thor vs. Cap and Thor vs. Iron Man battles, but that’s all I’ve seen or heard about at this point.

Ricky: I think there’s going to be some head butting between the two, for sure. It should be entertaining to watch that develop.

Jon: I’d have to say I’m most excited for the Avengers to fight as a team. I want to see exactly how the dynamic develops between all of the heroes. What was most fun about the first few X-Men movies (2000-2011) was seeing how all of the characters worked together in any given situation. Also, I’ve heard consistently from preview audiences that the real thing to look forward to is any and all scenes with the Hulk. It sounds like Whedon has written him to perfection.

Ricky: As far as I’m concerned, I’m excited to not only see Hulk destroy everything in sight, but also for the first transformation from Banner to Hulk. Should be a cool moment. Similar to what you’re saying, Mike, but I want to see Hulk and Thor duke it out.

Speaking of Joss Wheadon, can we bring up Black Widow for a second? I think Wheadon’s going to make ScarJo all sorts of badass in this one.

Mike: Based on this clip I think you’re right on all accounts Ricky.

Ricky: I think I’m in love.

Jon: You’ve really gotta wonder how her and Hawkeye, being the only non superpowered members, will be able to hold their own in this one. I’d like to see what they do while Hulk is climbing up buildings and Iron Man is flying around.

Ricky: Yeah, but they’ve always held their own in the comics. Plus, as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, they’re supposed to be these top of the line combat agents. However, didn’t Thor toss them around like mall security guards in his solo film?

Mike: I read in Whedon’s Reddit IAmA that he doesn’t like being referred to as “the guy that kills characters off.” That being said—who is Whedon killing off in this? Will Marvel even allow him too?

Ricky: Mike, my money’s on Agent Coulson. Seeing as he’s not really in the comics, he’s disposable. My thinking is maybe he’s “killed off” and comes back as Vision?

Mike: Interesting and very clever idea! I see a fan-fic written by the 3 of us in the making.

Ricky: Bring it on . . . it’s the only way we can out-nerd this dialogue!

Out of all the rumors surrounding this film (Kree/ Skrulls, Namor, Thanos, Vision, Beta Ray Bill, Spider-Man, etc.) what are you hoping might be true? False?

Mike: I didn’t even know about the Spider-Man cameo but that would not only be fantastic but what a clever transition into this summer’s relaunch! Spidey is by far my favorite Marvel hero.

Jon: I think I’d be most excited to see cameos or even hints at any other Marvel characters. Ever since Captain America’s shield was sitting in the background of Tony Stark’s lab, it’s been hard not to be excited for what new Marvel characters would make the leap to film. Subtle details are also just fun to examine.

Ricky: Spidey would be a cool cameo, but he’s unfortunately owned by Fox at the moment, so that won’t happen. I’m hoping for a Hank Pym/Ultron reference. That would be incredible. There’s been buzz about an Ant-Man movie for a few years now, but I think he would fit in a support role, much like Hawkeye. I’m hoping Ultron and Vision are teased towards the end of the film. Something like Leader in Norton’s The Incredible Hulk (2008). That was pretty cool.

Jon: Now that I think about it, I’m almost upset that Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man (2014) hasn’t come to fruition yet. I could only imagine how his undoubtedly comedic take on the character would fit in. I wonder who Wright would cast. Simon Pegg maybe?

Ricky: Pegg would be a fun choice, for sure. I’m worried it would turn out a little too much like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989). Hey! What’s Rick Morranis up to?

Mike: Rick Moranis as Ant-Man =

Ricky: That’s perfect, Mike!

I’m still not sure what these Aliens are really going to be . . . I’m still thinking Frost Giants, since they’re part of Loki’s army, but could we be looking at something new entirely? What about the Leviathon? That looks pretty damn awesome.

Mike: Technology doesn’t seem to be big for Frost Giants so I think they’re out. Maybe we’ll see that Loki isn’t the mastermind behind this whole thing. Maybe it’s Thanos and this is all build-up for the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

Ricky: I would scream and pee if Thanos is even hinted at in this movie. Can you imagine? That would be the best kept secret of the summer.

Mike: Wasn’t Thanos’ glove hinted at being in Asgard’s treasure room?

Ricky: Yessir, which is why I’m no longer allowed at the Saukville Marcus movie theater.

You know, because of the screaming. And the pee.

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