Ten Lingering Questions Leading Into Season Five of ‘Breaking Bad’


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1. What is Gus’ big secret?

Much has been hinted at about what Gus did and who he was before he started cooking chicken and selling meth. We know that he originally came from Chile and has talked about the Pinochet regime. Best bets hinge on Gus being a part of his government in one way or another. Recall that Mike once referred to Gus’ past being so deeply buried that even he couldn’t use his information network to dig anything up. Those who paid close attention might even remember Hector Salamanca referring to Gus as a “Big Generalisimo” in a flashback scene. All of this will almost certainly result in some fallout from Walt and Jesse’s scheme to bring Gus down. After all, even the cartel let Gus live after they first met him based on his infamy.

2. What will Jesse do when he finds out about Walt poisoning Brock?

Walt’s ultimate double cross simply has to come to light. Walt’s involvement in Jane’s death has remained buried for as long as it has because of the fact that there were no witnesses. But Walt’s role in poisoning Brock must have been done with the help of others. Someone had to take Jesse’s ricin laden cigarette and someone had to slip the Lily of the Valley into Brock’s food at some point. Which leads to the next big question . . .

3. How did Walt coordinate Brock’s poisoning?

Did it happen as Jesse suggested before? Did Saul or one of the members of his “A-team” who ambushed Ted help out in some way? Somewhere during the events of last season there was a moment left out where someone visited Brock and presumably slipped the poisonous backyard plant into his food. Walt had seen Brock at Jesse’s house once before and must have known how to use him to manipulate Jesse. Saul had also seen them when dropping off money from Jesse. If Saul is in fact implicated in one way or another, which he almost certainly is, Jesse may also end up taking out his anger on him first.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode Photos4. Who will Mike be working for when he comes home from Mexico?

Those who have been paying attention to previews will know by now that Mike makes a full recovery and ends up back in Albuquerque. The real question though is with whom his allegiances will be now that Gus is done for. Mike’s very first appearance showed him working for Saul but since then, it’s been very apparent that Gus’ orders overruled everyone else’s. With a power vacuum now existing in the meth trade, it’s anyone’s guess who will step forward to fill his shoes. The cartel is also presumably wiped out, but then . . .

5. Is the cartel really gone for good?

In season 3, it appeared that Gus’ cartel problems died with Juan Bolsa as he took hold of distribution rights in New Mexico. It didn’t take too long for the cartel to begin hitting back against him, forcing him into the meeting which ended in the deaths of their leaders. But the fact that the Mexican meth cooks still know Walt and Jesse’s formula begs the question that if someone in power of the cartel still remains alive, will they rise up and oppose whoever fills the power void in New Mexico?

6. Will anyone pay attention to Ted’s death?

The question of the IRS looking into the books at the White family car wash was supposed to be solved by Ted Beneke writing a check. With his imminent death soon after, Skylar was left giving him a large sum of money that couldn’t be refunded and put into action Walt’s contingency plan. With Ted unintentionally dying so soon after paying his back taxes, someone must be looking into the circumstances. Skylar also most likely hasn’t found out yet, as she has been preoccupied with the threat against her family.

7. What’s with the eye?

Perhaps the biggest question and running motif that the show has to offer, what is the ultimate meaning of the eye that fell off of the stuffed teddy bear? The beginning of season 2 introduced the pink bear that was half burned and missing an eye. After the reveal that it had fallen out of a plane and into Walt’s pool, the dislodged eye has been seen again and again, constantly following him around and watching him. The image of the half-burned face has since been repeated in a sculpture in Gale’s apartment and then again in the result of the pipe bomb that killed Gus. It’s anyone’s guess as to the ultimate significance of the ominous eye.

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8. How much money does the White family have left?

The iconic crawlspace scene demonstrated how dire Walt’s financial situation had gotten. It wasn’t enough to buy the family new identities and protect them from Gus’ reprisal but how much really is left? It seems new and surprising developments always occur that suck Walt’s money away. The newest turmoil with paying off Ted’s back taxes has deprived them the most. More importantly, does Walt have enough left to provide for his family? Or even if he does, will it matter since Walt seems to always want more? His sense of entitlement after his diagnosis has always seemed irrational anyway since he’s refused any type of financial help.

9. What does the DEA know?

After Gale’s murder, Hank found his biggest lead in the lab notes in Gale’s apartment and the connection to Gus. The murder scene at the nursing home will be too much for him not to look into, let alone the destruction of the super lab underneath the laundry. Steve Gomez had just investigated it and had drug sniffing dogs comb the place. The fire set in the lab will certainly raise alarms and there is no way that Walt is knowledgeable enough to cover all of his tracks. Sooner or later he will again have to throw Hank off of his trail.

10. Where will Walt and Jesse cook and who will they answer to?

There’s no going back to the days of cooking in the RV out in the middle of the desert. The network Jesse had set up was the most humble of beginnings and won’t provide for the volume of production they are used to doing. In Gus’ absence, someone will have to step up to provide new opportunities for Walt and Jesse. Saul may turn out to have yet another connection but if we are talking about new characters, then it is anyone’s speculation at this point. New actors are set to come into the new season but then again, Breaking Bad has had a great track record of following up with surprising returns of past characters in unexpected ways. The beginning of the end for this show has a lot to live up to following an explosive finale that already brought all of the excitement of a series ending.

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  1. The eye was foreshadowing Gus' final event.

  2. The eye could also be a constant reminder to Walt of the volume of human suffering that he directly and indirectly caused others through the entirety of this series.

  3. Don't forget about the eye pendant too.

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