642 Things #24 – Silence

For twelve weeks the basement has been under construction. Monday through Friday and a number of Saturdays, the sounds of construction and renovation have plagued silence and any sense of calm. No amount of pleasant music, fans, doors shut, or dedicated meditative concentration could defeat the noise. And while those random … Continue reading

642 Things #23 – Ziggy Dog Day Afternoon

A day of comfort in the warmth of the sun Ziggy rests joyfully in the fallen leaves Street noises and passersby bring no distraction It isn’t long before sleep overcomes him Dream settling in swiftly The fence looks aged Once bright golden cedar has faded to soft brown Posts slightly shrunk … Continue reading

642 Things #22 – Halloween

Like most origin stories, mine is filled with tragedy, dark tales and began on a stormy fall night. Wind, rain and thunder rattled the windows of our old house. Violence and tragedy gripped the city, news and citizens. Police were helpless to stop the wave of insanity. It was classic, … Continue reading

642 Things #20 – All The Things

Furiously I can hear all the things Perceived whispers translate loudly to screams Echoing endlessly they rattle my brain Awake or dreaming Impossible to know which My eyes scan for meaning My ears splintering in pain Covered ears provide no relief The sounds are in my head Voices of joy, anger, … Continue reading

642 Things #18 – What’s On Tonight?

Another day, another grisly and satisfying job well done. It’s not easy being a serial killer in my spare time. Dexter really made it hard for us. He gave away our best secrets, so we’ve had to make new ones. Like him, I (along with my organization) take care of those … Continue reading

642 Things #17 – Point A To Point B

Going from point A to point B is standard. It’s the logical thing to do. It’s straightforward. It’s without adventure. It’s without mystery. It’s what you do to meet expectations. It’s what you do routinely. Do the illogical thing. Take the winding road. Embrace adventure. Entertain the mystery. Defy expectations. … Continue reading

642 Things #16 – Time To Go

I’ll admit it, the biggest challenge to being thousands of miles away from where I grew up is the distance to our family. Both my wife and my immediate families all live in the same city where we grew up. A large number of our closest childhood friends do as well. For us though, … Continue reading

642 Things #15 – Adhere to cliché


Dropping the words like bombs on the Middle East A delectable dichotomy on which to feast Directed to adhere to cliché Rise above and and challenge the day The theme matters not Clear the message from the rot It asks for a cop As expected as the wet on a … Continue reading

642 Things #14 – That’s Not Good

A deep sleep sometimes means a deep dream. Lucid dreams can be more real than they seem. Whether a cut or a chop, Or loss or a drop, The thing that you lose could be your teeth. This time it was my left index finger thanks to a thief. A phantom … Continue reading

642 Things #13 – The Important Things

The night air was that awkward spot between warm and cool, still ridding itself of the heat from the day. Crickets chirped rhythmically as the breeze gently rustled the leaves of the towering oak tree of the side yard. Inside the bedroom, Charles was fast asleep. The light blanket provided … Continue reading