Writing a Novel: Draft One Edit and Draft Two Prep

Well, here we are in mid-May and I haven’t begun writing draft two of my novel yet. Admittedly, I’m behind schedule. I had initially hoped to complete my draft one edit in mid-March. That didn’t happen. My first schedule had May 15th as my complete draft two rewrite. That’s not … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 3

Read Week 2 here.   Push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s hard to do. You won’t break a bone. Unless extreme sports have it out for you. #PoetryIn140 — Mike Mierendorf (@mikemierendorf) October 13, 2015 This day. Error after error. Did anything really get done? Hard to say. … Continue reading

Being A Dad – #Lukecation

It’s all over. #Lukecation, that is. My three week “vacation” with Lucas is now over, and what a break it was. In all honesty, there weren’t a lot of real downtime moments as it turns out, caring for an infant is a lot of work. (I’m kidding, as I of … Continue reading

Review: ‘Broken Allegiance’ by Mark Young

Broken Allegiance is the first in the Tom Kagan series by Mark Young. It follows a hard-nosed detective in the Santa Rosa Police Department who specializes in gangs. While trying to tie down a witness to break up a notorious gang, Kagan’s sometimes aggressive and reactionary decisions bring consequences following … Continue reading

9 Alternatives To A Rom-Com For Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, can you feel it? And with love, we all know what that means, a Valentine’s Day romantic comedy movie night! For some of us, romantic comedies are not our genre of choice. While there are certainly some romantic comedy films worth watching (that’s a list … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – The 5th Month, Is Baby Listening?

Peanut is progressing nicely! The fifth month has come and gone, and while honestly not a lot has changed, there are always internal baby developments. One of the most common discussions is whether or not that baby is listening! As the baby develops, at this time of pregnancy, can baby … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – The First 12 Weeks

As I stated in my introduction, I’ve been ready to be a father for about a year. I don’t really think anyone can really be ready, but they can be mentally prepared to accept the future challenges of being a parent. Having had a spectacular mother and father as examples … Continue reading

Becoming A Dad – Introduction

For the foreseeable future, I’m going to do some non-entertainment writing. My wife, Elizabeth, and I are going to have a baby! Due on June 29, 2014, Baby Peanut, as it will henceforth be known, will be our first child. There are countless books and blogs out there for women … Continue reading

Review: The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug

SOME MINOR SPOILERS INCLUDED IN THIS REVIEW! Peter Jackson’s middle chapter to The Hobbit trilogy, The Desolation of Smaug (TDOS) is good, but not great. We pick up right where An Unexpected Journey (AUJ) left our band of adventurers. Immediately, the film jumps into a quickly paced series of events. … Continue reading

Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

NO SPOILERS! It isn’t often that a sequel outdoes it’s predecessor in nearly every way, but The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, does just that. Granted, sequels have the benefit of not having to establish the world and characters, but that’s what makes Catching Fire so unique. While the world is setup, … Continue reading