Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World’

*This review contains only minor spoilers – merely a short recap of the film’s beginning to establish context. Thor and Asgard offer Marvel it’s biggest cinematic challenge (likely until Guardians of the Galaxy) in terms of story and characters. It’s a mystical world filled aliens, realms, and strange beasts. It’s … Continue reading

Home Video of the Week: Eric Draven, the Tormented Avenger: ‘The Crow’ and Why Films Like ‘The Avengers’ Have a Shelf Life

One tagline for 1994’s The Crow read, “Darker than the bat.” While I’m not a fan of taglines or film advertisements, this one rings true and is especially important in a time when over-the-top DC and Marvel films are filling cinemas like a blanket wave. Just take a look at … Continue reading

‘The Avengers’ Comics, Character Films – Staff Roundtable Discussion – Part 2 (No Spoilers)

The Avengers Staff Roundtable Discussion – Part 2 By Jon Heacock, Ricky Spenner, Mike Mierendorf, and Erin Abbamondi IF YOU MISSED PART ONE – READ IT HERE.  Now that The Avengers (2012) has been tackled, what Marvel superhero/villain/story arc would you like to see put to screen? Mike: I always loved Silver Surfer but hate how he … Continue reading

Licensed Toys Hint at Avengers Villains

POTENTIAL SPOILERS: As evidenced by pictures taken at Toy Fair 2012 of a tie-in board game, this summer’s Avengers movie will likely feature the shapeshifting aliens known as Skrulls. A classic alien threat to the Avengers and entire Marvel universe, this news should come as little surprise to die-hard fans. … Continue reading

Thor 2 Director Announced

The follow-up to Kenneth Branagh’s take on Thor will be helmed by the veteran TV director Alan Taylor. reports that Taylor will be taking the reigns from director Patty Jenkins, of Monster fame, who reportedly clashed with Marvel over creative differences.  Although Taylor has not directed a feature film since … Continue reading