642 Things #20 – All The Things

Furiously I can hear all the things Perceived whispers translate loudly to screams Echoing endlessly they rattle my brain Awake or dreaming Impossible to know which My eyes scan for meaning My ears splintering in pain Covered ears provide no relief The sounds are in my head Voices of joy, anger, … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 4

Sometimes time gets the best of you. It’s all push and no give. It leaves the mark of time, thankfully fading within minutes. #PoetryIn140 — Mike Mierendorf (@mikemierendorf) October 19, 2015 Colds are dumb. Ones that come with fevers are worse. Days on end, no fun. It’s the second in … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 2

Missed Week 1? Check it out here. Ready for week 2? Here are the tweets. A digital tomato timer. Taking Pomodori for a drive. The goal is productivity. Method is ever changing. Does this tweet count? #PoetryIn140 — Mike Mierendorf (@mikemierendorf) October 5, 2015 3 weeks ago my idea of … Continue reading

PoetryIn140 – Week 1

Because I don’t do enough to stay busy (just kidding), I decided to keep my creative writing muscles working out. So, I’m starting a #PoetryIn140 project on Twitter. Tweet #poetryin140 You can follow me here. Follow @mikemierendorf Here are the tweets of Week 1: October 1, 2015 – October 4, … Continue reading