The End of the World: Understanding Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’ through Louis C.K. and Camus

Absurdity and the Emptiness of Ritual  On her wedding night, the bride tells her husband that she needs a minute. She goes outside to the golf course. A young man follows her. She turns to face him, pushes him down, and sits on top of him. He tries to get … Continue reading

Home Video of the Week: An Evening with ‘Antichrist’: Psyche Gurgitation and the Palpable Shadow

A significant number of life journeys require periods of darkness, so please shelve your need for thaumaturgy for a night. Instead, witness Antichrist (2009), in which director Lars von Trier structurally manifests the darkness of the human psyche as an existential and natural environment. Antichrist won an “anti” award for its perceived … Continue reading