642 Things #22 – Halloween

Like most origin stories, mine is filled with tragedy, dark tales and began on a stormy fall night. Wind, rain and thunder rattled the windows of our old house. Violence and tragedy gripped the city, news and citizens. Police were helpless to stop the wave of insanity. It was classic, … Continue reading

Top 9 Songs Required On A Halloween Playlist

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re attending a Halloween party, throwing a party, or having trick-or-treaters ring your bell this weekend. Any of these occurrences are generally better with good music in the background. These are the 9 songs we at CT‘ have deemed essential for any Halloween playlist … Continue reading

Back To Everything We Thought You’d Be: ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 5, Episode 5 Reviewed

After my less-than-positive review of last week’s Parks and Rec, I confess I began to doubt myself. Am I too harsh? What exactly is the role of a television critic, when television (particularly sitcoms) is explicitly dedicated to escapism? Are my standards too high? Have endless Sundays filled with CBS … Continue reading

Top 5 Halloween Movies and some radical Halloween costumes

A few of my fellow writers and I wrote about our favorite Halloween movies of the season for Cultural Transmogrifier. I think it’s safe to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday. My wife and I decorate the house, watch scary movies, listen to Halloween music and probably eat an … Continue reading

Top 5 Movies to Watch During Halloween

The staff at Cultural Transmogrifier really get into the Halloween spirit. Whether it’s a music playlist for parties (that list is coming next week), or movies to help us sleep less, let’s face it—Halloween is awesome and timeless. As a kid, it was a blast to stay up late on Halloween, … Continue reading