Review: ‘Gravity’ – Stunning, Breathtaking and For Once Worth the 3D

Let’s put it this way – Gravity is now in my top three favorite films of all-time. Previously my top three were The Empire Strikes Back, L.A. Confidential and Casablanca. Gravity is now in that top three, although it’s spot is being internally debated. It’s that good. If you haven’t seen … Continue reading

Film of the Week: The Descendants

Film of the Week: The Descendants Alexander Payne’s first film in seven years (yes, it has been that long since Sideways), The Descendants (2011), would be a great film if it wasn’t for its familiarity.  That is not to say that the plot or the casting is necessarily stereotypical, just that it feels … Continue reading

A Touch of Evil – A NYTimes Piece of Awesomeness

As 2011 winds down and the “best of” lists ramp up, The New York Times created their own unique take on recognizing another year in film. Using actors who turned in great performances this year, they are portraying cinematic villains in short films. Unfortunately, the videos aren’t available to embed, … Continue reading