‘The Prey’ Review: The Appropriately Dark Middle Story of a Trilogy

Andrew Fukuda’s sequel to The Hunt is really a lot of fun—well, a dark sort of fun. The Prey, picks up right where The Hunt left off, with Gene, Sissy and the gang on the run from the vampires. Advancing beyond the Hunger Games/vampire story, The Prey, as the title … Continue reading

‘The Hunt’ Review: A Surprising Page Turner

To many out there, the recent vampire fad may be exhausting itself. Vampire stories have been told countless times and in countless variations, but The Hunt, by Andrew Fukuda, is an interesting take on the tale and worth the read for fans of the genre. The Hunt is targeted to the … Continue reading

‘The Aylesford Skull’ Review: A Rip-Roaring Steampunk Adventure

Steampunk! Strap on your goggles, grab your ferret and fill up your zeppelin with hydrogen, because it’s time to read The Aylesford Skull, the latest of James P. Blaylock’s novels featuring his popular protagonist Langdon St. Ives. St. Ives is described on the jacket as “brilliant but eccentric,” though in … Continue reading

‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ – Book vs Film Discussion

Andy and I talked about The Hobbit and how it compares to the book. It’s a fun read, please check it out. Here’s a small snippet as an appetizer. Mike Mierendorf As I said in my review, overall I loved it. I enjoyed the slower pace as it felt like … Continue reading

‘The Weight of the Nation’ – An HBO Documentary – Companion Book Review

Guess what? America is fat. I’m sure that a part of you already knows this just by walking down the street, shopping at your local stores and malls, going to movie theaters, and just living in the USA. I don’t say this to sound insensitive or mean about it, but … Continue reading

An Uncharted ‘Uprising’: Paving the Path for the Occupy Movement and the Recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

There’s a downside to John Nichols’ book Uprising: How Wisconsin Renewed the Politics of Protest, from Madison to Wall Street (2012). It’s basic, a record of recent events and an amplification of news stories and essays that Nichols published as a political writer for the Nation magazine and as an editor … Continue reading

Get Your Photography On the Web

I just read a great review of a new book by RC Concepcion of Kelby Training fame. Amazon.com shipped my book yesterday, so it should be arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m working on doing some serious business development before pushing my … Continue reading