Superbowl Breakdown

Welcome to the first I To Eyes "Superbowl Breakdown."

If you came here to read about the game, sorry, you should have watched and you can also read all about it on every news source in the world.

I'm here to leave my thoughts on the memorable (good or bad) commercials, movie trailers and the Boss. So let's get started. The commercials are listed in order as they aired.

G.I. Joe trailer: Ok so everyone is super athletic and some guys from Cobra just melted the Eiffel Tower. Seriously? I can't tell what this movie is going to be like.

Hyundai: I already don't have enough money to buy a car, let alone a sports car. Yet, Billy Corgan just did a mini-music video for Hyundai's new ride. Inspired now? Nope.

Angels and Demons: Actually my favorite book by Dan Brown. I liked The Da Vinci code movie, but as A&D is a better book – maybe this movie will improve upon the critical reception of the last movie. At least Hanks' hair doesn't look as bad!

Audi: Jason Statham just drove the shit out of those cars. But still – I don't think anyone is looking for a new sports car right now.

Pepsi: covers a Dylan song. Not a great idea, but the editing was cool. I'll still drink Pepsi, no aversions build here.

Year One trailer: This looks awesome. Anyone else feel like this could be our generations Life of Brian?

Fast and the Furious 4: Don't care.

Castrol Oil: Grease monkeys are awesome. But beware, they will make out with you.

Land of the Lost trailer: I have to admit – this one has me intriuged. It looks like it'll mix a nice dose of comedy and action. It should be interesting to see how Will Ferrell holds up in action scenes though.

GoDaddy: I have to go online to see uncensored clips? No thanks, these commecials sucked.

Budweiser: An all out FAIL for every one of their commecials. They overpaid for exclusive rights.

Star Trek trailer: Ok, I'm not a Trekki, I'm a Star Wars guy, but this looks like it's going to be a straight-up kick ass summer blockbuster. Consider me as sold. I liked this one a lot and I learned something new… ball point pens save lives!

Etrade: The baby has grown up and has a friend that can sing. Cool. I like that they acknowledge that the economy sucks. Shows that Etrade understands that but still wants you to invest. Smart move.

Up trailer: Pixar looks like it could drop another gem on us. Although, my standards are incredibly high after WALL-E.

Monsters vs Aliens trailer: How fitting to have these so close to eachother spacially. This looks great. The cast is amazing and the story sounds really entertaining. I do wish I had my damn 3D glasses though.

HALFTIME SHOW: The Boss rocks hard. He doesn't look a day over 35 and he rocks like a 25 year old. Not to mention that he continued to rock after a full on crotch slide directly into the camera!

Coke: I'm a fan of their commercials so far. The CGI animals hanging out in the commercial would make this world a lot more entertaining.

Witch Mountain trailer: I'm not too sure about this, but I'm gonna guess that kids and teens make this a big commercial success.

Transformers 2: This looked like another kick-ass summer blockbuster. Guilty pleasure: The first movie. Looking forward to seeing this on the big screen this summer.

Coke: Insects. One of my favorites of the night. Very interesting, creative and fun to watch. Simple and straight to the point.

Conan: Tina Fey is so cool and medically intelligent! Although this doesn't make me want to watch Conan, but is a nice reminder that soon he'll be out Tonight Show guy.

Miller: HIGH LIFE. Suck it Budweiser, Miller's 1 second ad just put the rest of yours to shame. Hammer and McMahon. Gold. What's funny is that as I was adding my Twitter commentary throughout the game, so was Hammer from the game. I wonder if he wore his gold pants…

Hulu: Alec Baldwin is so money. He can thank 30 Rock for the amazing resurgence in his career. This is another of my favorite commercials of the night. Nah, it's the best of the night.

Pepsuber: Probably only entertaining because of his Twittering throughout the night. The guy was dedicated.

Well there you have it. A brief breakdown of the good and bad of the Superbowl. Let me know what you think. Agree, disagree? Let's hear it. SOUND OFF!

PS. To see every commercial that aired, check this out on TIME magainze.

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