“Sundown” Recap and Review

We begin tonight with Sayid’s flash sideways. In typical Lost fashion, what we think Sayid’s goal in L.A. is not reality. In this sideways reality, Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother, but there are clearly some lingering issues between the three of them. From first glance, Sayid appears to be a legit business man, happy and a good uncle. However, Not-Sayid or resurrected Sayid in the 2007 reality does not match this criteria.

A recurring theme in Lost is good vs evil, black vs white, yin vs yang. We had many references to this tonight as we learned that Dogen believes that Not-Locke is “evil incarnate.” Dogen discloses this to Sayid after Sayid confronts him about being tested. Dogen tells Sayid that he tested him and that the machine he uses tells him in which way the scale of good vs evil tips – in Sayid’s case, it tipped the wrong way. Pushing comes to shoving and after a wicked fight between Sayid and Dogen, Dogen triumphs over Sayid and banishes him from the temple.

Sayid then leaves from talking to Dogen and Miles approaches him. Miles tells Sayid that he was dead FOR TWO HOURS before he magically sprang to life. Sayid sounds surprised, but decides to leave all the same. As he is about to leave the temple, we learn that Not-Locke is lurking outside the ash-line of the temple and sends Claire in to deliver a message. However, the moment she enters the temple, she is quickly silences, apprehended and put in the Other-others-hole. The hole is where it puts the lotion on its skin. Dogen tells Sayid that plans have changed and that he needs to talk now.

Dogen tells Sayid that he is giving him the opportunity to prove the good within his soul. To do that, he was to kill Smokey/ Not-Locke.

Flash Sideways – turns out that Sayid’s brother got a bad business loan and was “mugged.” Sayid and Nadia go to the hospital (Jack’s! We see Jack walk by and look at Sayid), and Sayid at Nadia’s request goes home to watch her children rather than defend his brother.

Back in 2007, Kate is returning to the Temple. She sees Sayid leaving, then enters the Temple to catch up with Miles. She learns that Claire is in the “lotion hole” and goes to tell her the truth about Aaron. Long story short, Claire is visibly uber-pissed when she learns that Kate raised Aaron.

We cut back to Sayid who stops to take a drink of water when suddenly the trees begin moving and Smokey’s familiar sound echoes around him. Sayid draws the knife that Dogen gave him. Not-Locke appears and says “Hello Sayid” seconds before Sayid plunges the dagger into his chest. Too late, Not-Locke has spoken as Dogen warned and he can’t be killed. Sayid and Not-Locke talk and Not-Locke calls Sayid a fool, warning that Dogen had only hoped that he would be killed. In return for delivering a message to the Temple Others, Not-Locke says that he can deliver the thing Sayid wants most in his life – someone who died in his arms. (Shannon or Nadia?!)

Sayid returns to the Temple with a message – leave the Temple by SUNDOWN – or die. Panic ensues!

Flash Sideways – Sayid is about to pick up his brother’s kids when he is approached outside their home. He is ushered into a car, brought to the kitchen where evil people always cook and offered some eggs from….. KEAMY! Looks like he’s always been a bad seed.

Sayid after a brief conversation, gets the upper-hand and kills Keamy’s men, then unapologetically, kills Keamy. He then hears a banging noise in the kitchen freezer and goes to investigate. Inside the freezer, tied to a chair is… a non-English speaking JIN! (This fact may destroy theories that the Flash-Sideways are an epilogue.)

We return to 2007 to find Dogen at the brown magic pool holding the baseball. He tells Sayid a story of his pre-island life and how after a drunk driving accident, he kills his baseball playing son. A man approached him and said that in return to going to the island and never seeing his son again, he would save his son’s life.

Sayid is clearly not moved and proceeds to drown Dogen in the magic brown pool. After Dogen dies(?) his second in command, super Hippy (Lennon), comes running in, sees what Sayid does and calls Sayid an idiot for killing the only person keeping “him” (Smokey) out. Sayid says “I know” and proceeds to cut Hippy’s throat. The brown magic pool is now a lot more red.

Cut outside and all hell breaks loose. Smokey busts through the temple doors and begins to kill everyone around. Kate and Miles take off into the Temple but quickly split up as Kate goes to get Claire. Miles runs to a another room and shuts the door, but (surprise!) Illana knocks her way in and says it’s time to go. Frank, Ben and Sun quickly follow. Miles informs them that all the candidates are scattered and Illana leads them through the secret exit just in time before Smokey rolls through.

Finally, we see a smirking Sayid, Claire and confused Kate walking through the temple devastation and emerge outside to find Not-Locke with those that fled the Temple. Not-Locke sees Kate, doesn’t react, turns and leads the group into the jungle.



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