Star Wars In Real Life

In early December, The New York Times ran an interview with French photographer Cédric Delsaux about his new book Dark Lens, a stunning catalogue of photographed scenes of contemporary modernity – cityscapes and skylines in a perpetual state of construction and the rundown and abandoned past that they attempt to overwrite – juxtaposed with artifacts from the Star Wars universe.

According to the interview, the idea to juxtapose the fantastic world of Star Wars with the everyday reality of the modern city was an afterthought. “My first intention wasn’t to produce a series on Star Wars, but to photograph locations that are the makeup of our modernity: parking lots, peripheral zones, wastelands, forgotten places, of both beauty and ugliness, common and mad. Nevertheless, something was missing, my images were flat, déjà vu. I then had the idea to add these sci-fi characters, with the immediate effect of making my primal sensations stand out, the fantastical nature of the characters invading the whole frame, both universes harmoniously coming together.”

Star Wars creator George Lucas seems more than pleased with the result, providing a short introduction to the portfolio and a money quote on the packaging. Lucas called the collection “One of the most unique and intriguing interpretations that I have seen.”

Those wishing to check out Delsaux’s work can check out a free digital version here or a coffee table book can be purchased through Amazon.

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