Spring is here! (almost)

Yesterday was the official first day of Spring. Here in Milwaukee it actually felt like it too. Bright, sunny, mid-40’s, just very pleasant. All was well until I woke up today.

Now first you need to know that this winter ranks as the 4th snowiest ever for Milwaukee. We’ve had a LOT of snow. So when spring rolled around, it was a welcomed change. 2_2Nearly all the snow was melted, the ice on the river had broken up and floated away
, flowers were beginning to bloom and trees were starting to bud.

Everything was looking great. Then, this happened. 1_2A winter storm in spring.  The national weather service is forecasting 8-13 inches for the entire day.  Unbelievable!  This picture, on a normal sunny day, is a great view of downtown Milwaukee. Today, I can’t see more than 1/4 of a mile.

I apologize that this post has nothing to do with my blog as a whole. I just needed to vent. Stupid weather…

UPDATE: The city has pretty much shut down and my office closed! Long weekend!

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