‘Skyfall’ Video Blog: Bond Fashion

The marketing campaign for the upcoming twenty-third installment of the resilient James Bond franchise Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig in his third appearance as the iconic secret agent 007, is well underway. The latest video blog, courtesy of the film’s official website, features costume designer Jany Temime, who discusses her collaboration with fashion designer Tom Ford to bring a new vision of functionality and glamor to the visual iconography of the character. Temime is an experienced artist, having worked on the Harry Potter franchise and films by Alfonso Cuarón, including Children of Men and the upcoming Gravity.

The brief video additionally grants die-hard fans insights into the film’s exotic locations and the shooting process. The filmmakers deliberately tease audiences and withhold substantial information but the video is stilll quite informative in its brevity, allowing for several speculations about action scenes, gadgets, and geographic settings. Skyfall‘s marketing promises to be an interesting venture until the film’s official opening on November 9.

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