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Olly Moss is somewhat of a storyteller, in that he knows how to evoke feelings of commonality through images of our shared humanity. In Silhouettes from Popular Culture, he gives his audience a chance to tell their stories. At first, one might want to quickly flip through the book to see how many images they recognize. Like flipping through a magazine, the first pass through Silhouettes is for pure aesthetic fulfillment. The images of pop culture icons are either obvious or arcane. Either way, anyone who grew up watching TV, movies, or playing video games will appreciate most of the images. After the last image, you’ll surely be disappointed there aren’t more. So you’ll want to share this little gem of an art book because it’s simply fun. Also, your nerdy friends will get some of the ones you missed. In these cases, explanations turn into personal anecdotes requiring the answer to the question, “Do you remember…?” For the ones you do remember, don’t spoil it! The moments of realization are priceless. Just wait for everyone to catch up, and then spill the juice. It’s fun to beat ’em to the punch, but better for conversation if you slow down and appreciate the chance to have a connection where it’s due.

You can do one of two things with this book. If you’re more of a purist, then leave it out on say, a coffee table, and let the magic happen. Or, you can repurpose the silhouettes for just about any thrifty project. If nostalgia is the underlying emotion to our most treasured experiences, then head out to the closest bookstore and get a quick rush of it in hundreds of different forms. Silhouettes is more like a picture book for those of us who were basically born with a TV remote or a video game controller in our hands. Olly Moss has without question capitalized on the subtle effects of mirror psychology, and may have cackled once or twice while tracing the silhouettes with an industrial laser to get the details just right.

If you’re curious enough to find his other work on the web, check out his flickr.

Also, here’s the gallery opening of Silhouettes. Enjoy!

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