Saddam Hussein’s Daughter Searching for Publisher for Father’s Memoirs

saddamRaghad Saddam Hussein, the eldest daughter of Saddam Hussein, is looking for a publisher for her father’s handwritten memoirs, according to a report from Al Arabiya News.

“These are the only real memoirs Saddam Hussein wrote by hand and they will be released as soon as we find a publishing house,” Haitharn Nabil al-Harsh, Hussein’s lawyer, explained.

daughterThe content of the memoirs and the time Hussein spent writing them were not discussed by either Hussein’s daughter, who’s living in exile in Jordan, or her lawyer.

The autobiography will not be Hussein’s first literary effort, however. He is the reputed author of four novels: Get Out, You Damned One (2003); Men and the City (2002); The Fortified Castle (2001); and Zabibah and the King (2000), which were all published under the pen-name, “He Who Wrote It.” However, his authorial credits have been disputed, and many believe that the novels were written, or at least partially written, by ghostwriters.

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