Run Fatboy Run – List review

Because I’ve been busy and am returning to post this review WAY late, I’ll post it in a new format… a review list. A brief list of my thoughts about the film. Maybe this will catch on… although I doubt it.

-Very funny.
-Great character development, especially Hank Azaria’s character.
-Very good editing and direction.
-Wonderful story, not contrived and playful.
-Some criticisms from others (site AV club interview) about Nike
-Motivating- walk out feeling like you need to run. especially for a runner.
-Hard to make a movie about running enjoyable…Difficult sport to film, Schwimmer does good job.
-Music selection creative and used well.
-Pegg gives another great performance, good to see his talents extended a bit.
-Does follow some classic romance/ comedy cliches, but does go against your expectations in the end. This is a good thing.

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