Review: “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” – ‘Pilot’

SHIELD-castAfter a seemingly epic wait, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (AOS). finally debuted last night on ABC. I want to divide this post about the show into two parts. First, a short review of the episode. Second, a look back at an article I wrote on August 29, 2012 after the show was announced and see how well I predicted.


AOS has the setup to be one of the best new shows of recent memory. The pilot, directed and written by The Avenger’s Joss Whedon, had all the classic Whedon elements – humor, sarcasm, referential to previous material, mystery – and it was amazing. AOS was an absolute blast and met all my expectations. I can’t imagine the pressure that Whedon and ABC must have felt developing and creating the show.

The setup of the team felt natural and although the true nature of Agent Phil Coulsen’s return is shrouded in mystery (possibly a Life Model Decoy?!), it felt organic and real. The casting is good with a list of actors most viewer’s haven’t seen before. The chemistry between them was a bit off at times, but that fits the story as the characters are now only getting to know each other.

Visually the show stood out amongst many of it’s competitors with plenty of CGI that looked natural and didn’t distract from the show and story. One episode in and I’m more than excited to continue on with this story!

Prediction results: 5 reasons Why Joss Whedon’s ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Series Could Be Awesome

In August of 2012, I wrote about the show and made a short list of predictions. (You can read the article on Cultural Transmogrifier for the details and reasoning behind each prediction.) Below, I’ve listed my five predictions and now the results having seen the pilot. How well did I predict? Let’s see.

1. Whedon is getting back into TV, to some degree.

This doesn’t really qualify as a prediction as much as just a statement of excitement. As a prediction that Whedon would be involved a lot, it’s a bit off. Whedon wrote and directed the pilot, but other than that, he’s an executive producer for the series. I’ve read that he was consulted on nearly every script, but otherwise, he’s been hands-off as he preps The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

2. This is an exciting opportunity to tie TV and film together—and do it well.

So far, so good! There were plenty of mentions to the films (the Chitari, battle of New York, Super solider serum, Extremis) and they were all just mentions. Extremis played a larger role and it’s impact may reach further than just the pilot. Yet, it seems as though the films will continue to act as a base of reality and continued relevance to push the stories in AOS.

3. Extension of stories from the films/short films.

See above, but it certainly seems like AOS is an extension of the universe that will help build out more details for how these heroes impact the world.

4. The return of Agent Coulson?

I nailed this one, although not in the same way as the show took it. I predicted that AOS might be closer to a prequel series that leads into the films, or existed within the same timeframe. I was off there, but Coulson is indeed back and the leader of the pack.

5. Revamping or increasing interest in the original comics.

This one is hard to give an answer too right now. You don’t generally hear news about Marvel and their comic sales anymore, but I’ll try to find some results in the near future.

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