Renchi To Donate 10% of Sales to Chinese Earthquake Relief

Renchi, a Hong Kong gaming retailer, has announced it intends to donate 10% of all sales through June 20 to the disaster relief of the earthquake in China on May 12, 2008.

The earthquake that struck the Sichuan province of China has so far claimed over 70,000 lives, tens of thousands are missing and hundreds of thousands more were injured. The massive 7.8 measured earthquake on the Richter Scale, has left over 5 million homeless. Disaster map

As support pours into China worldwide for disaster relief, Renchi has taken the first step for the gaming industry in a show of their promised donation. If you would like to contribute via a purchase on, use the code KSCSVNBB to ensure that 10% of your final sale will be put to use. World Vision will serve as the beneficiary of the Renchi donation, as World Vision has pledged to put 100% of donations to disaster relief.

Chinese police
While disaster relief comes in, led by World Vision, turmoil is still present in the streets of China. Most recently, Chinese police have prepared for protests from parents, apparently protesting shoddy construction of schools that collapsed during the quake that may have led to the deaths of their children. Things are still not right in China, and you can make a difference.

Wv logoMore help is still needed to aid the survivors rebuild their lives. If you would like to donate directly to World Vision, you can do so here.

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