Hey Rachio!

Before I delve into my experience and why I’m a great fit for the Marketing Manager position, I want to say this… the Rachio watering system sounds AWESOME. In all honesty, I hadn’t heard of Rachio before seeing the job posting. But, I’m a big fan of home automation.

My wife and I bought Hue lights when they came out – day of! Since then, we’ve upgraded our house (in the West Highlands) to include an ecobee3 and Amazon Echo. Using IFTTT, we have our lights programmed to turn on at sunset, turn purple when it rains (Purple Rain), use our Echo to change the ecobee temp, etc. But, I didn’t know that I could have the option to also now find a solution for the extreme pain that is my sprinkler system.

I already dislike my system, it’s archaic, hard to program accurately and offers no rain delay options. OK, enough about my griping – it’s all to say that even if you don’t wish to talk to me about the job, I’m going to do some serious research about Rachio for my home.

Onto my actual work experience! I graduated with a degree in journalism in 2006. I got a job out of college at The Onion, where I worked for four years doing events management and advertising. Since then, I’ve worked at Columbia College Chicago for nearly six years, of which five have been remotely from home in Denver. For CCC, I’ve worked mostly in marketing communications and operations.

My career path has organically moved away from content creation, so to keep my written skills sharp, I’ve freelanced as a copywriter, social media editor, photographer, blogger and more. I’m working on writing my first novel. For over two years, I’ve been a freelance social media editor for the YMCA of America, working to reshape the brand and align content to the brand as it evolves beyond “just a gym.”

I hope this brief intro (and rant) intrigues you for a more in depth conversation. I LOVE that you’re local, that you’re working to conserve water in innovative ways. Rachio seems like a company I’d love to work for and could really thrive at. I hope you feel the same. Let’s talk.


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