‘Prometheus’: New Trailers and Viral Video

Exciting new previews arrived over the weekend to add to the already tremendous hype surrounding Ridley Scott‘s Alien sort-of-prequel Prometheus. First up is the second official US trailer:

Although it’s impossible not to be excited by that one, I can’t help but notice how every action oriented movie has an Inception inspired trailer to go with it, complete with blaring blasts of foghorn noise. The next preview that debuted is a UK trailer and is much more deliberately paced:

Finally, a mock advertisement for the film’s Weyland Corporation’s artificial lifeforms. This one reveals which cast member of the film is actually one such lifeform, but according to filmmakers this is not the surprise twist that it was in the first Alien film.

Prometheus opens on June 8 in the United States. You can see an earlier viral video of a mock TED talk right here.

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