OK Go Makes Another Amazing Video – “Needing/Getting”

OK Go continues their streak of incredible music videos. That’s all that needs to be said. Enjoy, as this one probably took even longer to make and set up than the Rube Goldberg video for “This Too Shall Pass.”

Behind the scenes part 1 – compliments of Damien from OK Go.

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  1. how much is chevy paying them for this i wonder? still a way cool video though

  2. neat idea, but this sounds awful.

  3. damn. If they keep this "one-shot" policy up, I think they're going to run out of ideas soon. Good work. Love it!

  4. This isn't my favorite OK Go song but the concept and completion is pretty awesome

  5. not a chance he drove that car

  6. Did they just hit 1000 pianos with a dildo?

  7. I’m surrrrreee they set up a thousand electric guitars. This is beyond fake.

  8. What a bunch of d-bags! So now its cool to ruin a hundred plus guitars for a crappy gimmick. Those could have went to people with talent!

  9. this video is pretty sweet, ok go is always doing something so quirky and new

  10. go ahead…take 4 months to set up this and then shoot for 4 days…either way this is very creative and while it's not guitars and drums being shoved down your throat…i think it sounds amazing, especially for being done with…a freaking car.

  11. You should hear the actual song!

  12. uhm.. have you seen any of their other videos? you don’t realize what great lengths they would go for an epic video. i just wished their music was as good :/

  13. They just hit 1000 pianos with a dildo.

  14. Hey it's Damien, with OK Go. Yes this is all real. Watch our behind the scenes, part one on Youtube.

    And Jeb, 280 Guitars! Thanks Guys!

  15. Thanks Damien, I will add the video to the post!

  16. This, and you guys, are awesome. Keep it up.

  17. 4 days of filming and it was done in one take?
    I think not… unless there is a nonstop clip, then this is as fake as Criss Angel

  18. Cool and impressive, but not exactly new.

  19. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. OK Go was clearly inspired by this, they just took it to the extreme.

  20. ihateyuppiehater

    Oh shut the fuck up, you are so obnoxious. Just appreciate the creativity instead of complaining like some 12 year old girl on her period.

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