October Baseball: NLDS and ALDS begin…

Brewers 1
To start, my apologies – I didn't even write about the Brewers amazing final days and their entrance into the post season. Partially because I was at the game Sunday and stayed to watch the Mets lose with tens of thousands of other fans – but also because words can not describe the feeling. It was amazing. I'll put some pictures from the game on here soon.

But, we've come to the time for predictions. Here we go…

NLDS: Milwaukee Brewers vs Philidelphia Phillies
Milwaukee wins in Game 5.
NLDS: LA Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs
LA wins in Game 4.
ALDS: Boston Red Sox vs LA Angels
LA wins in Game 5.
ALDS: Tampa Bay Rays vs Chicago White Sox
TB wins in Game 4.

NLCS: Milwaukee vs LA
LA wins in 6. (Sorry Brew Crew, but LA is tough)
ALCS: LA vs Tampa Bay
LA wins in game 6.

WS: LA vs LA – A cross city showdown!
LA Angels win in 6.

CUBS WON'T WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!! I'm calling it now.

If any of my picks are wrong, when the DS is over, I'll remake my other picks.

You heard it here first.

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