New Sonic opening shows society’s true colors

Tonight, my wife and I tried to make our way to the new Sonic that opened up just south of Miller Park. Sonic has run commercials in this city for months in anticipation of launching their first franchise in the metro area. Traffic leading out of the city was nuts as always and it took us 20 minutes to get near the new Sonic.

When we drove around, we found ourselves in bumper to bumper traffic in the right lane. Initially, we weren't sure it was for Sonic, but after 10 minutes and 1/2 block later, we were positive. We sat in line, patiently watching traffic crawl in and out of the parking lot. After 20-30 minutes of waiting and growing frustration, we pulled into the parking lot where a police officer was talking to each car.

I rolled down my window and the officer said something to me that caught me in complete shock… there was a 2 hour wait just to get to order. TWO HOURS. We noticed that no one ahead of us was turning around. We quickly pulled a u-turn and got the hell out of there.

All we wanted was too repeat our trip to a Sonic in Denver a few weeks ago for one of their slushies which are excellent. Evidently, the rest of Milwaukee thought the same thing. This got me thinking.

A 2 hour wait for fast food? There are some bigger issues at work here that ought to be addressed. There were 50-100 cars idling and waiting in line for fast food. Wasting gas, pumping toxic exhaust into atmosphere all for a burger and fries. Are the citizens here that fat, lazy and in need of such unhealthy food? Evidently, yes, they are.

Now, I was one of those people so I need to clear the air so I can't be called out on hypocrisy. But here is the difference – I left. There are bigger concerns today. What about the economy? Aren't these people losing their jobs? People certainly have no worry about sitting in a car for over 2 hours to spend $20 on fast food.

It seems to me that there are some major societal issues up for debate here. To be fair – this is not a problem with Sonic, but a problem with society and the people that find it acceptable to spend this kind of time in this type of situation. So I open it for debate…

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  1. This is an absolutely awesome post, it rings so, so true.

    You will love Chitown, where a place like this wouldn’t get this kind of attention if it was on the front page of the Trib.

    My challenge to you:
    Weiner’s Circle, sat, 2am – it’s a whole ‘nother adventure.

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