New Ridiculous Trailer: ‘Battleship’

Remember those Michael Bay movies called Transformers (2007-2011)? They were based on toys. Well, Hasbro licensed a board game inspired by the Transformers toys in 1986 . This isn’t the worst idea because, let’s face it, Clue (1985), which starred Tim Curry, was actually pretty awesome. But how about Battleship? You know, the game with red and white pegs and little plastic ships that you sink. That seems like a movie right?

I’m curious about how Hasbro will license toys for this one – maybe “Battleship: The Game of the Movie of the Board Game.” Or, at the very least, someone will come up with a clever drinking game.

Battleship, directed by Peter Berg, hits theaters May 18. Watch the trailer below for Rihanna’s acting debut.

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  1. Is there some sort of a plot, any plot, anything at all like a story, in there? Or is this just "Transformers At Sea?".

  2. Why even license Battleship for this? Obviously they don't need it for the story elements. Do they really think the name is worth whatever they paid? Seems to me it would have made more sense to forego the licensing, give it an original title and save some money.

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