New releases on Friday, November 21

Every tweenage girl and their mom have been waiting for today. They've read the books and now they can finally catch a glimpse of that dreamy vampire Edward!

That's right, Twilight, the vampire movie that no one will shutup about finally is released in theaters. It had over 600 midnight showings last night and was ranked in the top 10 for presale tickets on Fandango.

Studios are predicting sales upwards of $60M for its opening weekend. 

Also opening, a movie that's got bloggers and reviewers in love with a gerbil in a ball – Bolt! Bolt is Disney's latest CGI film and looks like it has some promise to be a big holiday hit with families.

Finally, Special gets a chance to find more fans with a second release. Read the synopsis here…

"Metermaid Les Franken (Michael Rapaport) has an unexpected reaction to the anti-depressant he's taking as part of a clinical trial; suddenly convinced he's a superhero, he embraces his new powers, dons a homemade costume, and hits the streets to protect the citizens of his city. the corporation behind the pill, fearing bad publicity about their drug, set out to bring down our hero, who in turn hones his abilities to fight off his new arch-nemeses."

The economy is suffering, but I'm guessing that the theaters won't be hurting as people try to escape reality for a couple hours this weekend.

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