New Dark Knight Rises Photo Reveals Bane’s Scars

The Dark Knight RisesA new photo of The Dark Knight Rises shows yet another glimpse of Bane, this time from a new angle. While there is only a small amount of new information that can be gleaned from the picture of Bane without his mask and gear on, fans are bound to speculate on whatever they can get with the levels of anticipation as high as they currently are. The scar formations on Bane’s neck and head will only lead to more theories about how exactly Bane’s face mask functions. In the comic books, Bane was constantly being injected with a drug called Venom, which gave him his super strength. Given Nolan’s realistic take on the Batman franchise, this explanation is highly unlikely to be used which begs the questions of what gives Bane his physical edge and why he dons his trademark outfit. It seems the question asked in the Imax prologue “Why does he wear the mask?” still has yet to be answered.


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