Mobile phone photo contest

I recently entered a photo contest being hosted on It is a contest strictly for mobile phone cameras. What I found so intriguing about this contest is that virtually anyone can compete. Thanks to the improved cameras in the iPhone and EVOs, people are able to capture much more interesting photos with a small device they always have with them. Secondly, developers have created remarkable editing software for these operating systems.

I for one entered photos using my iPhone 3Gs. I edited my submissions, which you can view here, using an app called CameraBag and Adobe’s PS Express. If you want to vote for any of my submissions, you can vote in the People’s Choice category using the same link as below. It will bring you to a search page for my 7 different submissions.

Regardless of whether I win anything, I am excited to at least push my work out there. I’m in the beginning stages of pushing my name and work out into the public domain. I hope you enjoy my submissions as well as the other extreme talent from the other artists!

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