March Madness (UPDATED 3/21)

The men’s 2008 NCAA tournament begins in just a few minutes. Having been out of school for a couple years, one would think that my love for the tournament would have dwindled a bit. You’d be wrong. Just like most everyone else, I’m enthralled with the excitement that the tournament brings.

I for one can’t stand the NBA. There are so many reasons, but the players just don’t have the passion that collegiate athletes do. Collegiate athletes aren’t worried about their $10 million salaries. They’re worried about winning the next game, especially during tourney time.

That’s what’s so exciting. Its a do-or-die game. Winner takes all. Players rise above themselves and shock the nation. Having graduated from a Cinderella school, the excitement of the upset victory is even more dear to me than others. I’ve seen the glass slipper. It’s beautiful.

Anyway, on to my picks for this year. My final four is as follows.
North Carolina

I have UCLA winning it all over UNC in the finals.

Here are my big upset picks for the first round.

St. Joe’s over Oklahoma.
Villanova over Clemson.
Siena over Vanderbilt.
Baylor over Purdue.
Temple over Michigan St. 

Time will tell if I am correct.

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