Lost theories after “Dead is Dead”

lost-logoMy wife and I try our hardest to not watch Lost when it starts. We DVR it and skip the commercials, pause the episode to talk theories, etc.

Last night’s episode “Dead is Dead” was a fantastic chance to shed more light on the background of our favorite bad guy, Ben Linus. (For a great detailed breakdown of every Lost episode, read the AV Club’s “TV Club” blog of Lost.)

I’m not going to rehash last night’s episode, but I am going to share some comments/ theories that I think saw more light shed on them during “Dead is Dead.”

Last night our big theory that we feel almost 100% sure on is that Christian and Locke now share a common introspective relationship with the island, Smokey and Jacob. Both were in dead and in coffins, crashed on the island and were resurrected. Up to this episode, I thought that Christian may be just an apparition, a manifestation or symbolic form that Smokey takes to talk to and guide people on the island (like the theories of others who have died.)

However, Christian has now been confirmed interacting with numerous people. He still can mysteriously disappear quickly, but the fact that Ben has never seen him leads me to believe that the island is helping him in his motives and purposefully transitioning Ben out of his self-imposed leadership role.

Locke has a whole new personality – one very similar to Christians’. He talks to Ben, not as someone seeking answers, but someone who is leading Ben to an answer. Locke carries himself with more confidence, bravado and is even more charismatic. I like where these characters have developed too and can’t wait to see more.

(A theory to ponder – is Richard like Locke and Christian? Their characteristics seem similar. Does this explain why he doesn’t age???)

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