Lost: The Final Season

This is it. Tonight is the beginning of the end for arguably one of the greatest televisions series to date. After months of guessing, clever marketing and fandom build-up, the season premiere of Lost season 6 will air. It has been years in the making on a very up and down series. How this season plays out will setup the longevity and legend of Lost for future generations. Despite all the dedicated love for the show – Lost has seen it’s fair share of dissapointment for fans, along with skepticism regarding whether or not the shows creators and writers really had this all planned out.

If the season finishes as I and many other’s hope – Lost will go down as one of the greatest televisions shows of all time. As the final season continues, I’m going to dedicate a section of this blog to dicussing each episode. I’ll link to other great episode analysis blogs and hope we can all enjoy our last season of theories with Lost. I’ve love Lost and as sad as it will be to see it finally end, it will be nice to know that the show is in control of it’s own destiny and chose when to end the story. (See what I did there? 😉    )

Anyway – tonight should be fun. I’ll be back tomorrow with my write-up and theories if my mind hasn’t melted from what I hope is an awesome premiere.

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