Lost S6.06 Preview: “Sundown”

I haven’t previewed an episode yet mainly because I enjoy the anticipation and surprise of watching Lost so much that I don’t want to ruin anything for myself.

That being said, I think it could be fun to try to guess what “Sundown” may mean for Lost. Last week’s preview was purposely vague and offered almost nothing in terms of what we can expect to come, but that doesn’t mean we can’t guess!

As mentioned last week, Jacob said that someone is coming to the temple and that it’s too late for Hurley and Jack to warn everyone there. Whether or not “sundown” implies that something is eminently going to happen, whether it is this mysterious arrival or a battle or conflict is uncertain. We know that Claire intends to go to the Temple as Jin said Aaron was there. Maybe Claire is the person that Jacob has warned everyone about.

It’s possible that “Sundown” implies to a story line with Sun and Jin – which could make sense as we’ve had little sideways story about these two. Also, we’ve waited three seasons for a reunion of Sun and Jin – although I’d be shocked that we would be granted that reunion now.

As we can see in this preview photo from tonight’s episode, New-Sayid is going to be talking with the man who “tested” him which could result in an interesting situation. Sayid’s revival has barely been touched on since the first couple episodes so it seems that it’s about time to push this story further ahead. So I’m hedging my bets that we’ll learn about Sayid in both timelines.

It seems clear that tonight’s episode is going to focus on everyone at the Temple and I can only hope that Miles gets some well deserved screentime. Looking forward to it…

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