Lost: Lighthouse Theories, Guesses and Wild Speculation

Ahh, the magic of the interwebs. Thanks to rabid and insatiable Lost fans – and especially Lostpedia, much more is known about the mysteries of the Lighthouse from last night’s Lost. First off – the list of known candidates has jumped from a handful to almost 100.

With the few brief glimpses of the what I’m going to call the Stalker Mirror, viewers have pulled familiar last names and the degree that they represented.

Here is the presumed list of candidates. (I say presumed because we only have a last name.)

The big reveal this week was that Kate is presumably a candidate as the name “Austen” is at the 51st degree marker. We also see familiar names like Burke (Juliet) – 58, Faraday (Daniel) – 101, Lewis (Charlotte) – 104 or 140, Linus (Ben or Roger) – 117, Dawson (Michael) – 124, and Pace (Charlie) – 195.

As many has suspected, and Not-Locke says, that Jacob brought everyone to this island through gentle manipulation. We can begin theorizing that everyone on the Stalker Mirror is also on the cave wall. Since neither has been fully shown, it is more than likely this is the case. These gentle manipulations echo Jacob’s plan of luring Hurley and Jack to the lighthouse to begin with.

Jacob is clearly driving Jack to assume some sort of realization. At this point, it would seem that the story will lead to a confrontation between Not-Locke and Sawyer, vs Jacob’s Ghost and Jack. An interesting and exciting possibility.

The other big topic out there today relates to the Flash Sideways story of Jack and who is wife or ex-wife is. My initial thoughts are that it is Sarah, Jack’s ex-wife in the current timeline. Others have speculated that it is Juliet, although there is little evidence to support that. It is entirely possible that we’ll never learn the identity of his ex-wife, but knowing Lost there is a connection to the island.

Perhaps the biggest question of the episode is who is coming to the island. Theories, including my own, charge that it is Desmond as Eloise Hawking told Desmond in S5 that the island wasn’t done with him yet. If the Stalker Mirror is to believed, since Hurley was told to set the mirrors to 108 degrees, then the mysterious Wallace (whose name is crossed out) should be arriving. As Wallace is a Scottish name in origin, this may further support a connection to Desmond.

Of course, wile speculation is what is so fun about Lost, so its more than likely that I’ve missed the beat on every one of these points. Only time will tell – and from the sound of it, next week’s episode “Sundown” is going to bring some more answers.

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