Lost: Lighthouse – Recap and Review

Well here we are. We’re plugging our way through Season 6 almost faster than I’d like. Last week we had questions answered (sort of), more questions raised, and exciting revelations. Lost is shaping up to end with a bang. (Read no further if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet.)

This week – well this week brought it on a whole new level. In an episode written by Darlton, an episode that happens to be the 108th, and with numerous references to the Numbers, it continued to drive more questions.

We were treated to a Jack-centric, yet Hurley favored, episode. In this week’s episode, we learned that Hurley has become Jacob’s go-to channel for passing along his message and goals. Hurley’s good hearted and well natured temperament has always held him in a high regard for everyone on Lost. He instantly trusts anyone and always sees the best in each person – even if they’re dead.

Hurley this week, after a conversation with Jacob, is given a list of things to do (which he writes on his arm) agrees to lead Jack to an unnamed destination, because someone is coming to the island.. Jacob’s clever manipulation of Hurley is distinct as he uses the phrase “You have what it takes” to convince Jack to accompany Hurley. This directly matches Jack’s sideways story this week, as we learn that Jack has a son.

Jack’s son, David, who looks to be around 10, lives with his mother and spends sporadic weekends with Jack. Jack and David’s relationship echoes the strained and distant relationship that Jack shared with his father – something that Jack realizes while looking for his will with his mother.

This search eventually turns up with the revelation that Claire is in the will – something viewers know from season 4, when we learned that Claire is Jack’s half-sister.

This brings us to plot line C, which involved Claire rescuing Jin from the trap and bringing him to her cabin where she hasn’t been living alone, but “with a friend.” Claire believes that Aaron has been captured by the Temple Other’s and during an interrogation of one of the T.O.’s, Jin shouts that Kate has raised Aaron for the past three years. In a moment of conflict, Claire decides that the T.O.’s life still doesn’t matter and kills him anyway despite Jin’s revelation.

As this is happening, Hurley is traveling with Jack to an unnamed location. After a trip down memory lane, they come across the caves they used to live in where Jack talks about how he found them. After he reveals that his father’s ghost lead him there, Hurley and Jack continue their journey. They eventually arrive at a lighthouse, prompting Jack to say “how did we never see this?” to which Hurley responds “We never looked for it.”

Hurley’s response may say more about this show than anything up to this point. As a show that is as much about fate or destiny vs choice, this quote makes a strong point towards the latter. Although Jacob told Hurley where to go, Jack has always been the man who makes choices. Was it a choice to look for this or were they destined to do this all along?

What Jack and Hurley discover at the top of the lighthouse is a mirrored machine that acts as a beacon to attract those searching for the island, or so Hurley thinks. Hurley asks Jack to tell him when he has turned the mirror to 108 degrees. As Hurley pulls the chains to turn the mirrors, Jack stands and sees images within the mirrors. At first he isn’t sure what he sees, but he quickly asks Hurley to stop and takes a closer look at the machine. At every degree mark is a name and Jack soon finds his name at degree mark 23. As Jack turns the mirrors to 23 degrees, he returns to look in the mirrors. Jack stands and gazes into the mirror and sees his childhood house.

Jack quickly realizes that Jacob has been watching them his whole life. He demands to speak to Jacob through Hurley, and as Hurley swears he doesn’t know anything, Jack screams, gets angry and makes a choice. He grabs a telescope and smashes the mirrors.

We cut away and when we return, Jacob arrives again to talk with Hurley. Jacob explains to Hurley that the visitor will find a new way to the island and Hurley learns that Jacob had hoped this would all happen. Jack sits on a cliff and looks out at the ocean thinking about what he has learned.

From here we return finally to Jin and Claire, where Jin tells Claire that he lied about Kate raising Aaron and that the TO’s have always had Aaron. Claire tells Jin, she is glad he was lying, because if Kate indeed had Aaron, than she would kill her. As Jin stares at Claire, footsteps approach and Not-Locke enters the tent. Jin looks and says “Locke?” to which Claire responds, “No, this is my friend.”

Fade to black. LOST.

What we learned:

-We learned that Jacob has watched “The Candidates” for a very long time.

-Claire indeed may be infected and shares a yet determined relationship with Not-Locke.

-Hurley is the definitive go-to channel for communication with Jacob.

-The numbers represent degrees on the machine that Jacob, presumably Jacob, used to watch “The Candidates”

I think it is safe to say that this episode is a turning point in the season. I can not wait for next week and the revelations that will be forthcoming. The preview for next week showed us nothing and promised to answer some questions. Classic Lost. This season is shaping up to be the best yet. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations.

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