Lost “LA X” Review


Fade to white… that’s where we left off last with our Losties. I’m not going to delve into a full episode recap due to the lateness of this post, but I will chime in to share my own thoughts and theories on where this story is taking us.

As I mentioned in April of last year, I had some ideas that dead people on the island share a unique and common bond. I specifically mentioned that I thought New-Locke was linked with – if not a manifestation of the smoke monster. Looks like I was right on the money.

We finally got some insight regarding the monster. People had theorized that the man in black was smokey, but many had considered the link with Locke. I believe that this most compelling evidence was the way Locke spoke in the 5th season. After dying and being reborn on the island, Locke no longer acted like he was searching for something. Instead he acted with purpose.

That leads us to Tuesday’s premiere. New Locke has now achieved what we can only guess was his initial goal upon his rebirth – killing Jacob. I assume that the rules Locke spoke of in S5 imply that he could not directly kill Jacob. This could only be accomplished through a third party – Ben in this case.

After Ben succeeded in killing Jacob, Ben has become the lost character – just like Locke previously. If this show has taught us anything, it’s that the story often runs in varying theoretical loops. This is why our other Losties appear to be living in parallel realities.

The bomb reset appears to have worked – although certainly not as we all imagined. With split realities, we will see how ’97 Losties on the island will eventually relink with the “landed safe Losties”. I’m not sure that the LSLs story will be that compelling. It’s taken 5 seasons and over 100 hours of story to establish this character of the island. Eventually and inevitably that is where the show will and should end.

Needless to say, this has been an exciting ride and this seasons premiere was one of the best episodes from the series yet. With continued story regarding the ’97 island Losties, I think the story is going to find plenty of surprising and exciting turns.

Is it Tuesday yet?

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