Lost: “Dr. Linus” Theories and Ramblings

Just a quick post about last night’s amazing episode. Needless to say, but if you didn’t watch last night’s episode than do not read any further as my following statements discuss the ending of the episode.


So, our mystery guest that Jacob talked about is finally here and he is none other than Charles Widmore. It seems almost obvious in retrospect that it would be Charles as S5 and S4 were all about the Ben vs Charles conflict. Widmore’s obsession with finding the island makes sense that he would have a big part to serve in it’s ultimate final chapter.

This leads to my theory regarding the conflict about to take place on the island.

Firstly, the line has been drawn in the sand and it is Jacob’s team of Illana, Jack, Hurley, etc, vs Smokey’s, aka. Not-Locke, team of Crazy Claire, Dark Sayid, Sad Sawyer and Confused Kate (among others).

Now to Widmore and his inevitable arrival. Back in S5 when Locke left the island and stopped the island from skipping, he had a conversation with Widmore. Widmore told Locke that a war was coming to the island and that if Locke wasn’t on the island, the wrong side would win.

This leads me to two theories. First, that when Widmore arrives, he is planning to join with Locke (actually Not-Locke), but will quickly discover this is not the same man he helped back off-island. That being said, Widmore’s likely plan of coming to the island to fight Ben for control will be pointless.

Widmore will have no choice, but to join sides with Ben and Team Jacob and battle against Smokey/ Not-Locke. This theory seems to be the most likely outcome as the current teams seem mightily unfair and stacked against Jacob.

The irony of this is that Widmore works with Ben – his arch-nemesis, to defeat a common enemy.

Another, in my opinion, but less likely theory is that Widmore joins with Not-Locke to fight against Team Jacob and Ben. For the reasons stated above, this theory doesn’t seem to fit thematically with what we’ve learned from Lost up to this point and out of character for our story.

On another note – last night’s episode dropped a bombshell of a note when Roger Linus mentions ever so casually about leaving the island and the Dharma Initiative long ago. I was trying to think of what point would be the moment when Ben and Roger left. The only moment I could think of is the moment when Dharma drills into the electromagnetic pocket. Perhaps without the bomb to neutralize the pocket, the incident begins the sinking of the island and the Dharma fails and everyone leaves.

I’ll post more theories as I continue to think about the consequences and pieces set in motion with what we learned in “Dr. Linus.”

Do you agree, disagree with my theories? Have your own?


-I was discussing the moment that Roger and Ben leave the island in time and he made a good point. Its unlikely they left following the incident as Roger says something along the lines of “imagine what it would be like.” That would seem to imply they left when things were good on the island.


108 – Wallace. Is Wallace Jacob’s or Smokey’s last name? Might explain why it is crossed out as Jacob is looking for a replacement.

If Jacob touches someone do they become ageless and invulnerable to suicide attempts like Richard?

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