Lions Not the Biggest Losers at Lambeau

A lot of the headlines in Detroit today won't be about the crumbling economy or auto industry. It'll be about the historic season for the Detroit Lions – but not the type of history you want to remember.

After a loss to the Green Bay Packers yesterday at Lambeau Field, the 2008 Detroit Lions became the first team in NFL history to have a 0-16 season. Yet, despite the Lions losing to the Packers yesterday, they weren't the real losers walking away from Lambeau Field.

No, that honor belongs to every Packer fan who began chanting "O and 16" with a few minutes left to play in the game. The moment that fans began to continue that chant, was the moment that Packer fans looked like shmucks. Packer fans joined the ranks of Chicago Cubs fans when they turned into a mob a poor sports – not sports fans.

Yes, the Lions has a historically bad season, but they're professional athletes playing a hard game. Like any human being, they deserve respect. To rub their faces in what had to be an embarrassing moment makes every participating chanting Packer fan a disgrace to the history of Lambeau.

What's even more amazing is that while chanting Packer fans taunted the Lions team on the field, they ignored the team they should really be shouting at – the 6 -10 Packers. (But that's a rant for another day)

Yesterday marked a sad day in history. A day that we continued to remind everyone how many games the Lions lost – but not how they played the game. They played the game, and they walked away without any major problems in the locker room and little to no dissent. But that story is not as catching as a headline as "0-16." There was a lot wrong with the game yesterday that goes deeper than wins and losses. A deeper problem for the game of football and the NFL.

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