Licensed Toys Hint at Avengers Villains

POTENTIAL SPOILERS: As evidenced by pictures taken at Toy Fair 2012 of a tie-in board game, this summer’s Avengers movie will likely feature the shapeshifting aliens known as Skrulls. A classic alien threat to the Avengers and entire Marvel universe, this news should come as little surprise to die-hard fans. Although the pictures don’t reveal much of how the Skrulls will actually look in the movie – they are board game pieces after all – it seems safe to assume that the Skrulls will appear in the movie. Another interesting potential plot point is the phrase, “Battle for the Cosmic Cube,” which is featured on the bottom of the box. It should also be noted that Thor villain Loki is confirmed to be in the film as well. The geek blog Idle Hands hosted the following pictures:


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