Is the iPhone a Nintendo DS Killer?

On Monday, June 9, Steve Jobs – CEO of Apple – held another of his “Look how awesome Apple is” media conferences. As everyone had been anticipating, Jobs announced the release of iPhone 2.0 and the new iPhone updates may spell the end of Nintendo DS’ handheld market dominance.

One of the exciting announcements was the July 11th release of the “App Store.” When Apple released the SDK Road Map earlier this year, they allowed for the creation of applications for the iPhone by outside companies – meaning non-Apple awesome applications will be released, many for free.

One of the applications demonstrated on the 9th, may be a massive thorn in the side of Nintendo. Sega showed off a new version of its big hit “Super Monkey Ball.” Combining the touch screen similar to the DS and the ability to tilt the iPhone like the Nintendo Wiimote, “Super Monkey Ball” could lead the way into a whole new market for the iPhone. Other demos with some promise include the much anticipated “Spore” and “Touch Fighter.”

Sega’s demonstration was pretty amazing, and one can’t help but get excited about the possibilities that the iPhone and Apple’s SDK Road Map have for the future. With the launch of the App Store in July, Nintendo might find itself with a new competitor besides the Sony PSP.

While the iPhone has some new and innovative gaming possibilities, Nintendo DS won’t go quietly into the night. A version of “Guitar Hero” – released Sunday June 22 – and variations of popular PC games like “Age of Empire” will keep Nintendo fighting.

Class discussion:
Do the unique innovations and capabilities of the iPhone spell the end of handheld gaming consoles like PSP and the DS? Or will it just force Sony and Nintendo to improve upon their products?

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