Iron Man

Ironman_teaser IRON MAN


Simply put, Iron Man is one of the best comic book movies yet. With Jon Favreau at the helm and Robert Downey Jr. in the lead, Iron Man was an exciting adventure with a great story. The visual effects were as expected, incredible. Last summer Transformers presented a new level of success with its CGI and visual effects of the robots, and Iron Man continues the success.

As impressive as the look of the film was, the cast and story were even stronger. Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges were all great, and any Marvel fan will be enthralled with the brilliant subtle references to future storylines.

Iron Man is a fun start to the summer blockbuster season, and after its 2nd weeked atop the box office, it looks to be one of the most successful as well.

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